Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Autumn in Tasmania

When the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is excited about the coming of Spring, here in Tasmania in the other side of the world, we are experiencing discernible change to milder, clear days. It only means that winter is fast approaching. But before that I took the chance to enjoy what autumn in Tasmania is like.

On the contrary to the belief of many that Hobart, Tasmania is the second driest Australian capital after Adelaide, we experience four distinct seasons unlike in the mainland. You can even experience these four seasons in one day... and for many Tasmanians, Autumn is the favourite season of them all. It is considered the mellow season, with calm, sunny days. Autumn Fall begins in March and ends in May. The daylight diminishes and the nights become colder.

The beauty that fall brings is breath-taking. The island's deciduous trees reveal a spectacular canvas of greens, reds, gold and ochres. Tasmania’s beauty is decorated by its autumn riches – fresh harvest produce, excellent wine, stunning autumn walks and trails and sophisticated heritage mansions will captivate your senses. 

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