Thursday, 5 April 2012

City Life vs. Tassie Life

I arrived in Hobart last year 2011 from Abu Dhabi and believe me my world went upside down. Well, to elaborate more. Abu Dhabi as you know is now aiming to take center stage for it’s architectural prowess in the Middle East and the rest of the world. Wherever you go you can see skyscrapers and buildings rising from every corner of the street. I lived there for 4 years in a 30-story flat, so you can guess how difficult it was when our elevator got busted. 

Abu Dhabi is indeed a beautiful city in its own right. I must admit I definitely enjoyed the shopping galore and of course the tax-free salary package and obviously the cheapest taxi rates ever. One thing that I admired Abu Dhabi is the commitment to evolve into a metropolitan that welcomes all other nationalities from around the world and offer endless opportunities for themselves. However, for me who loves everything about nature and countryside living, I did not really enjoyed that much during my stay and besides summer in Abu Dhabi is just awful. It could reach up to 50-55c. Yes! It can be very hot and humid during these days, I mean months, 6-7 months to be exact. 

Ok. I came to Tassie last October and God it’s so cold! You must understand, when I left Abu Dhabi it was still 45c. Can you imagine the drift of temperature? I think it was around 15c when I arrived here. Well, my body did experience such drift. Good thing heaters are widely available here. Tassie is definitely the exact opposite of Abu Dhabi. Let me demonstrate. Firstly, in Abu Dhabi, you’ll die if you don’t have A/C (Air-conditioning system) at home, I mean literally. That’s why even bus stops have A/C. Here, heaters are more popular obviously. As I mentioned I lived in a 30-story flat in Abu Dhabi, when I arrived in my accommodation here in Tassie it was a double brick house with a big lawn to start a garden with, yey! In Abu Dhabi, shopping rush usually starts at around 7pm and to my dismay here in Tassie, shopping stores close at 6pm. Oh crap! No worries! (as you guys exclaim!) At least I can minimize my expenses. Also, I noticed you couldn’t see anyone outside after dark here in Tassie, as for Abu Dhabi, all the people go out at night, like vamps. 

In Abu Dhabi, the traffic is like forever and to my delight here in Tassie, what? No traffic? The best thing of all, in Abu Dhabi you couldn’t have any chance of nature tripping, I mean you can have desert safari (again so hot); here in Tassie the destinations for nature tripping are endless. These are only few of the differences and there’s lots more. 

Nevertheless, I exchange my city life to a more relaxed and laid back lifestyle in Tassie. So far, I have no regrets whatsoever and I am just beginning to explore what this unique place has to offer. After all, life is all about surprises and so far, I got several surprises already.
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  1. Hi mate, welcome to Tassie! It's interesting to hear your comparisons between Abu Dhabi and this cold little island. It helps me to see the place from a fresh perspective (I've lived here 5 years, coming from Queensland). I hope you're enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather before we plunge into the colder months! Cheers, Tim.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, indeed Tassie is a spectacular place and I am enjoying pretty much these past few months of staying here. But for sure, I totally miss the big malls though. Cheers!

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